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Raina murphy, lcsw

It takes a certain willingness to engage in a therapeutic process, to explore, question, and challenge the status quo of your own existence. I commend your efforts for coming this far! In my work, I have walked with many individuals through unthinkable real life issues, complex challenges, working toward their resolution—reflecting resiliency and useful meaning along the way. I am a graduate from Columbia University School of Social Work with post graduate clinical training inside a community based clinic as well as in my own private practice. My goal is to help my patients feel more capable in the face of everyday life whether the current is flowing, stagnant, or turbulent. I am a lifetime student, drawing from the most effective psychotherapies available while using my innate abilities to help you thrive. I am available for you when you are ready. Personal specialties include: Addiction/Recovery, Trauma Recovery, Codependency, Sexuality and Identity Issues,  Anxiety, Mindfulness, Spirituality, and Life Transitions. 

Raina Murphy LCSW

Jesse barbalato, lmhc

My name is Jesse Barbalato and I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. As far back as I can remember I’ve always had an innate desire to help others and see their needs while being both patient and positive. This led me to a career in therapy and early on in this career I was fascinated with seeing the power of exposing people's inner strengths, allowing them a safe place to vent and work on coping skills. Although, after a few years I continued to have a lingering feeling like I could be doing more for my clients. This feeling led me to combine these existing techniques with a new theory called Emergence. Emergence Therapy is a theory and practice wherein all personal change is said to emerge from the connection between the therapist and the client. The therapy itself consists of teaching clients how to discover previously inaccessible patterns in their natures. These patterns lead to permanent, personal change, where "personal change" means "learning to become your true self." I’d love to hear your story and begin your path to self realization. Personal specialties include: Adults and Adolescents with Depression, Anxiety, Trauma Recovery, LGBTQ focus, and Chronic Illness Recovery.

Jesse Barbalato LMHC