Treatment Specialties

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Did you know there is a difference between thoughts, feelings, actions? Working on adjusting one or all pieces of this puzzle can yield tremendous results as per the most current research in mental health. 

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Are you finding yourself repeating problematic relationship patterns from childhood with friends, lovers, coworkers, bosses, or your own children? Psychodynamic work can be deep, creative, explorative, and life changing as you work to excavate insight from your unconscious and change your behavior to align with your personal desires. 

Emergence Therapy

Are you curious about a more explicit method of interpersonal change? As an offshoot of psychodynamic therapy, Emergence Therapy utilizes the therapeutic dynamic to discover previously inaccessible patterns of behavior that have inhibited positive growth. This process is interactive and experiential. It promises that your relationships outside of therapy will transform as a result. 

Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy

Have you heard the buzzword mindfulness? How mindfulness practice can boost overall wellness but you don’t know how to do it and you’d like to learn? Or maybe you’re a seasoned meditator and would like assistance discovering how your practice can further support your mental health. We can offer assistance in helping you build a meditation practice and or deepen what you already have.

Trauma Informed Care

Have you ever experienced an event that occurred outside of your control that left you questioning your fundamental safety on this planet and sense of belonging? Did you know that even if this event happened to a person close to you, you heard about it, or witnessed it on the news you could be significantly impacted by it? We can help you regain your autonomy and rediscover vitality by helping you move through the stages of healing and teaching appropriate coping skills you'll need along the way.

Harm Reduction Psychotherapy

Have you questioned whether or not you have a problem with drugs, alcohol, compulsive eating, or other additive behaviors but complete abstinence doesn’t feel right for you? We can help you determine the truth for you and steer you towards a lifestyle that works uniquely for you.

Relapse Prevention

Have you had some time away from an addiction but are finding yourself stagnating? Do you feel like regressing to old coping skills? While knowingly harmful, do they seem like the only alternative? Whether or not you follow a path of recovery through the 12 step model, we can help you discover solutions without returning to harmful addictive behaviors.

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